Microsummaries in Firefox 2.0

So Firefox 2.0 is in beta.
Among the many new features, there is one called Microsummaries. Also known as “Live Titles“, which I think more accurately describes what it’s all about: a bookmark that shows the latest key information from the target website.

The idea is pretty simple: first, your need a microsummaries generator for your website or blog (see below). Then, whenever you make a bookmark in Firefox 2.0+, you will get the chance to choose either a plain old static title, or the new Live Title.

Microsummaries in Firefox

(notice: Live Titles – plural? Yes, you can have more than one generator and thus more than one option for live titles!)

Now when you choose for the Live Title, the bookmark text will be updated from the website regularly, thus reflecting the latest headline or whatever the site owner has made available.

Bookmarks Manager

The live bookmark feature can be created by the site owner, by adding a specific link to the current web page. Or by anyone else, by defining a simple XML file around an XPath query to select the relevant headline element. This is called a “Microsummaries Generator”. More on those later…