Microsummary Builder Extension for Firefox

So I wanted to build a really handy point-and-click Microsummary Generator (generator and install thingy) for Firefox 2.0+.

After a lot of experimenting with Greasemonkey, it became clear that automatic installation of the Generator script would not work out this way. So I “took the red pill” and whipped up a real stand alone Firefox Extension.

The current implementation lets you select any content element on a web page, and define a Live Title with this content. This title can then be applied to bookmarks of the page. The magic is that the title updates as the bookmarked site’s content changes.

The plugin “works for me”, but has not generally been tested very thoroughly. I consider the current release of beta quality, the functionality should work but you may encounter irregularities.

Head over to Microsummary Builder Extension for Firefox for the plugin, and some more hints on installation and usage.
Give it a try and report back all of your experiences, good or bad!

Many thanks to Myk Melez, the creator of the Microsummaries for Firefox. He wrote some excellent Microsummary documentation, the recommended starting point to learn more about this subject.

Update: install the extension directly from addons.mozilla.org #3741