WP Themes and Microsummary plugin

After a few more bug reports, I updated my WP-Microsummaries plugin again.

This time, I removed all fancy rewrite stuff, which didn’t play well with some custom rewrite rules. That should be fixed now.

Also, I tested the plugin with the upcoming WordPress v. 2.1 (alpha 3). And it appears to work just fine.

Finally, there were reports about missing wp_head() calls in some WordPress templates. That is a problem, because wp_head is a so called hook that is needed for plugins to insert stuff into the html head section of the blog pages.

I tested all of the top 10 most popular themes from themes.wordpress.net and some more. Ans indeed, theme #6, Japanese Cherry Blossom 1.0 appears to be broken in more than one way: both the wp_head hook and the closing html head tag are missing.

Fixing this is easy; open header.php and find the opening <body> tag. On the line above, insert the following code:

<?php wp_head(); ?>

So if you have installed the WP-Microsummaries plugin and it is not working, this problem may be the cause. Please let the theme author know, it is an easy fix!

Update: Just after writing this blog, I find out that the wp_head() function call is optional, although authors are encouraged to use it.