Microsummary Generator Wizard Extension

After some fiddling around with my Microsummaries Generator Extension, I’m feeling that I’m getting on the right user interaction track.

The latest release lets you select any content block on a web page. Then, a microsummary generator is constructed, which you can either install right away, or refine in a two-step wizard process.

Continue reading for a walkthrough with screenshots…

The initial step after selecting a page element:

First step: install or edit details

Using the wizard, step 1: edit XPath selection (using id attributes versus plain location path), include and exclude Regular Expression fields:

Edit details (Xpath, include, exclude)

Next step: edit the generator XML. Syntax is checked for well-formedness and the XPath expression is validated. Clicking the button labeled “refresh” will re-apply the XPath expression in the current page context, so you could adapt the XPath expression and see the results:

Edit XML

Finish, either install the generator or cancel the dialog.

Final step: install (or cancel)

You now need to bookmark the current web page (ctrl/cmd-D) in order to see the live title in action.

Eventually I plan to automate this process, based on Microsummary Buddy – a recommended companion add-on by the way!

Download Microsummaries Generator Builder 0.9.6 from addons.mozilla.org.

Softpedia award logoUpdate: this extension has been granted a “100% Clean award by Softpedia“. It’s always nice to know from others, independent from the author…