Joost 0.9 update

The folks at are a speedy bunch; the second release candidate has been released already and a bunch of very visible bugs have been fixed. And some new content channels are going live as well. Yesterday I watched a good match on the Fight Network.

Much to my pleasure, the Apple Remote does control sound volume. I was under the impression that this didn’t work, because the volume initially starts at 100% and there is no visual queue that something happens (no OSD indicator). All in all, plain watching and channel hopping are completely possible now. For the social interaction (widgets overlay) you still need to grab your mouse.

Finally a note for all of you who are asking for invites.

The invite system has been suspended, waiting for a much more massive release to new beta testers. As far as I understand, first those who signed up on the website will be invited. This form has been pullled now, but then there may come a system much like gmail in the old days, where users can invite others.

Until then, we just have to wait…