Joost 0.9 released

Yesterday Joost beta 0.9 was releaed for the existing beta testers.

First impressions are good, not much has been changed since RC4.
All content channels now do have content. Yesterday evening, the network was not very stable, there were hickups and even freezes, but now the network seems to be much better again. Maybe there was a surge of all those beta users going to use the application at once. But as far as I understood, more usage should in fact make the network more stable, due to the p2p nature. Oh well, it is still in beta for a reason.

Another serous gripe has to do with advertising. I don’t mind the ads per se, this is their business model and I understand that. But the ads are too disrupting the way they are inserted right now. The audio volume is higher than the programme, which irriates me. And what’s more: there is now a really nice “Classica Channel” with a couple of old live recordings of classical performances. Having a chewing gum ad interrupting Daphnis et ChloĆ© somewhere in the middle, is just not acceptable. The Joost team really should fix this before going live!