Fleck 1.1 released

Fleck: annotate the web
After a short beta period, the Fleck plugin for Firefox has been updated and released.

Last month, I have been working on this plugin with the Fleck.com team, which was a very nice experience.

If you don’t yet have heard about Fleck: it is kind of the Sticky Note for the web. You can add your annotations to existing web pages and share them with your friends and the Fleck community. Don’t worry, individual Flecks can be kept private if you want.

This new release of the Firefox Extension adds a counter of flecks on the current page to the status bar, and a nice side bar, where the most recent annotations are linked to the actual Flecked page.

Just install the add-on (from addons.mozilla.org) and see for yourself. Existing Fleck users will be prompted by Firefox’ auto update feature, if you did not disable that.