Joost Updates

Lots of updates around, so time for a little blog post again.
First, version 0.9.2 adds network stability, the video plays almost without any hitches on both of my Macs now. The impressive part is going on behind the scenes: much of the content is coming from the P2P network now many more beta testers are being added. And apparently mixing P2P with traditional streaming has its challenges.

New content: lots of CBS programs will appear soon. A Dutch proverb says: “if the first sheep passes the bridge, all of them will follow“. Oh well…

In the mean time, bloggers around the world are getting to the gory details of Joost’s semantic web backend technology. For instance, Joost: It’s The Metadata, Stupid! and Idea: Joost’s missing feature (well, that was in March – the scaffolding for this idea is already in the current betas).

For me, the next exciting milestone will be the opening of the API for developers. At this time we can only guess what this will look like. But I expect something very similar to the current Firefox plugin architecture, with added SVG goodness (Robin Berjon is working on SVG and Widgets for Joost). In other words: develop your own overlays, with transparency and smooth scalability. Sweet!