Joost: Now for Friends

The latest Joost beta version is no longer numbered with a version number, but rather labeled with the tag line “Now for Friends” (or NFF short).


The tag line refers to the fact that any current Joost tester now is allowed to invite an infinite number of friends. And of course there are some more improvements as well.

  • Stability – no problems during a few hours watching the Brazilian Music Channel.
  • Links to content descriptions on the Joost site (see link above)
  • Following a link from Joost minimizes the window to an always-raised state and loads the website in your default browser (at least, Safari is opened on my mac).
  • Advertising seems to have changed, I only got a small “sponsor overlay” from Vodafone occasionally in the right lower corner, without interrupting the program. Clicking the overlay opened the Vodafone website as mentioned above. This is far less obtrusive than the 30 seconds interstitials, much preferred!
  • Improved user interface again. Prettier icons, more logical layout of main controller and a minimized controller for small window sizes.
  • A set of 30 “launch partner” advertisers has been selected, content channels are being added; see the Now for Friends blog post for details.

Update: some clever folks have discovered that you can run Joost with multiple user profiles, the same way you would do with any other XUL Runner app (e.g. Firefox). It boils down to invoke the Profile Manager, with setting “Never ask at startup” unchecked. Nice!