Adding Fleck to ShareThis plugin

Share This iconYou may have noticed that I just added one of those immensely popular social bookmark sharing plugins to this blog. It is called ShareThis, developed by Alex King. I especially love the stylish, RDF-like Share This icon.

I felt the ShareThis functionality overlaps the Fleck plugin for a great deal, so instead of having both of them cluttering every blog post, I just added Fleck to the ShareThis set.

This is a fairly trivial operation; if you want to do the same, just two steps are needed.
Share This folder
One – edit share-this.php$social_sites array, add the following:

, 'fleck' => array(
   'name' => 'Fleck'
   , 'url' => '{url}'

Two – save the 16×16 px Fleck icon to the plugin directory and name it fleck.gif

Upload the whole share-this folder, enable the plugin and you should be ready.