Google Analytics updated

Yesterday Google announced the new, updated version of their Analytics tool.
Google Analytics screenshot
Under the hood, most data is captured just like the current version. But the user interface and data presentation is a whole different story. A flash demo shows many excellent tools to analyze trends and zoom in to visitor navigation paths, decision funnels, trends over time and all you could possibly want to know about keyword conversion (organic as well as paid-for Adwords).

The basis for this overhaul has been the acquisition of MeasureMap in 2006.

Over the next few weeks every current Analytics account will be migrated to the new version, so most of us need to wait in anticipation of a much, much better tool. Again, Google sets the industry standard at a very high level, though times for the competition to catch up.

Read the official announcement on the Analytics blog.

(on a side note: I tried writing this review with WordPress plugin Structured Blogging. This review would be marked up according to the hReview microformat standard. It didn’t quite work out, maybe html is not allowed in the review body. More to come…)