Google buys Panoramio

The Spanish startup has been acquired by Google. This is not very surprising, as they already were linked very intimately with Google Earth.

PanoramioFor those who don’t know Panoramio yet, it is a clean, nice photo sharing site. Its specialty is that every photo is geographically marked. Select photos appear on Google Earth and the site itself is organized around Google Maps, where every location marks available photos with an icon or a small thumbnail.

The announcement in the blog post does not provide many specific details, but for now not much will change:

For now, our user interface will not change; accounts, urls, features… We will keep working for Panoramio as a team, but this time using Google infrastructure as Panoramio further integrates into Google’s mapping technologies. We will also keep answering e-mails directly as much as possible.

Oh, and by the way, they also have an API – released just earlier this month…