Safari 3.0 beta: blazing fast!

Safari 3.0 beta: blazing fast!By now everybody and their dog have been updated about the release of Safari 3.0 beta, both for Mac OSX and Windows. Interesting fact that Apple wants to penetrate the windows browser market as well…

Aside from that, the speed promise on OSX is more than true. This beast is blazing fast, especially rendering speed is incredible! Gmail now works almost as a desktop application now. And I see I have spell checking available in textareas now, sweet for editing my WordPress blogs.

Of course, I only just installed the app, but until now I found not any bug. Let’s see how this will work out the coming days. Otherwise, there’s a “Safari3BetaUninstall.pkg” package on the disk image, so hopefully I can revert to 2.x easily if needed.

There’ll be interesting times ahead at the front of the Browser Wars!

Update: did you try search (CMD-F) already?
Search input bar
Search result highlight on page
The UI is neat; you get a search input field at the top of the page, the page itself is slightly dimmed and all search results on the page are highlighted in a outlined orange box.

…and: all text areas are resizable (no need for a greasemonkey script, take a lesson Firefox!)