Forced features 

SuperDuper!A few months after its release, I finally upgraded trusted old Mac OSX from Tiger to Leopard. It was a smooth experience and in general I like the new features, specially the performance improvement of the Finder and Spotlight.

But the there is that negative experience with Time Machine.

No, I haven’t even used it (yet), but the way Apple put this new feature in front of every user’s face, has forced the makers of SuperDuper to find a way of co-existence. Which they have not found yet (read Slowest! Update! Ever!). 

What to do? Switch to Time Machine?
I’m reluctant to do so, because I liked the pure simplicity of SuperDuper so much: always have an up to date backup system, from which you can boot your system and continue your work within minutes if the worst case crash scenario happens.

For now, Im undecided – hopefully my system will not crash in the mean time![ratings]