Leopard Image Capture does 16 bits tiffs

imagecapture-16bitThe upgrade to Mac OS-X Leopard has not been all joy, there are some annoying bugs (e.g. the search field of keychain access becomes unusable after loss of focus), and new features like spaces and time machine are very disappointing.

At the other hand, there are lots of small improvements (almost bug fixes), to name a few:

  • Safari’s XMLHttpRequest supports now other methods than GET and POST as well (e.g. PUT and DELETE).
  • The default action for entering your password to open a keychain item is “allow once” (was: none, you had to click a button)
  • Terminal.app now has tabs (try CMD-T)

And a very nice one: Image Capture now supports 16 bit tiff output for my Epson Perfection 1670 scanner!
If only the Gimp starts supporting 16 bit per channel images…

On a side note: Gimpshop for OS-X appears dead, it was never updated after the first universal binary release and filters never worked for me on Intel. The original, X11 version of Gimp.app (2.4.3) works fine, provided that you install a patched version of X11.