Yahoo as OpenID provider

OpenID logoJust announced: Yahoo! will support OpenID – and mind you, as a provider!

According to the Press Release, this means that instantly another 368 million web users can use OpenID to log into more and more sites all over the web. This is very significant, as Scott Kveton, Chairman of the OpenID Foundation, blogs today in Take back your digital ID:

Ask just about anybody that’s used the Internet and they’ll most likely agree; I have too many accounts to keep track of. Not only do I have to keep track of my username and password for every site, I usually have to go through the same find-my-friends dance for the places I go as well. There’s got to be a better way to define who I am on the web.

Yahoo! is not stopping here, they have put up a quick introduction about OpenID and added an section about OpenID 2.0 to their developer network as well.

I expect many, many more sites to switch to OpenID in the course of the year.