Livehttpheaders for Firefox 3.0 beta

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Update: LiveHTTPheaders 0.14 has been released.

Web browser Firefox is getting ready for a new version 3.0 – to be released soonish. Currently the second beta version has been released for testing.

One of the add-ons (AKA extensions) that I’m using frequently, is LiveHTTPHeaders. This extension has not (yet) been ported for Firefox 3.0.

I made a quick fix, which makes the extension working for me in Firefox 3.0.0b2. I just had to change the compatibility information and the size of the “about” tab in order to fit within its popup window.

As long as there is no official update, and you need livehttpheaders badly, you may want to download and install my patched version: livehttpheaders-0-13-1-patched.xpi. Of course, there is no warranty (you may post bugs in the comments if you like) and you’re using the add-on at your own risk.

Before installing, you should check the XPI’s contents so you are sure you can trust the extension.
Tip: uncompress the XPI and the embedded livehttpheaders.jar file and check a diff against the official 0.13.1 release version.

Update: if you need Firebug, you can install firebug 1.1 beta (Firebug 1.1 is Firebug 1.05 by Joe Hewitt with enhancements and bug fixes by John J. Barton (IBM Almaden) and Max Stepanov (aptana))