Extension Developer’s Extension for FF 3.0

If you’re developing add-ons for Firefox, you likely know the Extension Developer’s Extension by Ted Mielczarek.

It appears that this extension is perfectly compatible with the current Firefox 3.0 beta releases. However, as is the case with Live HTTP headers, the Developer’s Extension does not install out-of-the box (observed for Firefox beta 5). This is because Firefox now refuses to install extensions which specify a non-secure URL for
auto updates.

The fix is really easy:

  • download the extension
  • uncompress (using zip)
  • edit the file install.rdf (top level): remove the em:updateURL property
  • zip the whole shebang again, name the file somefile.xpi
  • now Firefox will install the extension if you drop the file on an open window.

Four your convenience, you can download the modified extension here: extensiondev-030-no-update – but you really shouldn’t, download the original and make the modification yourself instead!

@Marc K, did you see this article: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Extensions.checkUpdateSecurity

My guess is that this property is not available at all by default, so you need to add te property yourself in the about:config screen.
To do so, right click anywhere in the property list, select “New” => “Boolean” and paste in “extensions.checkUpdateSecurity”. Set its value to false and you should be there.
I haven’t tried this myself…