Google apps secure connection

Update Feb 10: Google is listening to their critical users and takes their responsibility serious, it appears!

Today I discovered that they did not only restore the “always use https” setting in gmail, but there is now a global switch on the Apps for your domain settings page as well. Ironically, the associated help page still tells you that this is a “premier edition only feature “.

Now that is a big improvement, thank you Google!

Domain settings: always use SSL

Apps for your domain: DomainSettings: always use SSL

In my previous post I noticed that Google Apps, free edition, no longer allows you to use SSL as standard connection setting.

gmail: use httpS instead of http

gmail: use httpS instead of http

Luckily, the old trick of replacing http by https in the browser’s location bar still appeears to work (verified for Google Apps mail).

Using Firefox and Greasemonkey?

Pick one of these user scripts to automate the process (I haven’t chosen a favorite yet).

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