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Making photo’s with the Android powered HTC G1 is nothing special, but the recorded GPS postion in the images is a really nice feature when you import them in iPhoto ’09 (note: you need to tell the G1’s camera application to record the GPS location, which is off by default).

I had just one minor annoyance with the process: after mounting the Flash card over USB, the card shows up under finder as expected, but iPhoto does not recognize it as a camera device or media card with images.

Now Hackszine has a nice blog post with a potential solution: Get your T-Mobile G1 to show up correctly in iPhoto. It all boils down that you have to rename the directory dcim at the root level of the Flash card to DCIM (all capitalized).

Update: Hackszine deleted their older blog entries (why the heck would they do that? It’s for sure uncool). Here a quote from the original post:

Every time I plug my G1 phone into my Mac to download photos, iPhoto shows me only the videos that are on the phone, and I have to manually drag the photos from the Finder to iPhoto. It’s only a minor annoyance,but fortunately the fix is very simple. If you navigate to your G1 in the Mac OS X Finder, you’ll see that the DCIM folder (the usual home of photos on a digital camera) is titled “dcim” (lowercase). I made it uppercase, unmounted and remounted it, and iPhoto popped up with a list of the photos on the phone, ready to import.

Posted by Brian Jepson | Jan 6, 2009 05:49 AM

To my frustration this was not working for me. Just one more step solved the issue: inside the directory dcim is a sub-directory called camera. Just symlink this directory to some well-known camera manufactor’s default images directory name, and you’re set.

Commands, in Terminal (let’s say you named the phone’s Flash card G1):

$ cd /Volumes/G1
$ mv dcim DCIM
$ cd DCIM
$ ln -s camera 100NIKON
$ cd

Next, take some pictures with the phone. Then start iPhoto and mount the phone’s Flash card; you will get the “import pictures” screen as you would expect.

Note: based on Dutch release version of T-Mobile G1 (first edition) and iLife ’09, YMMV!

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