Talking with Talis podcast: Clay Shirky

Since I have my Android G1 phone, I picked up an old habit of listening to some favorite podcasts (the walkman player in my previous cell phone was simply too crappy for this – sorry Sony, you should have stuck to the cassette tape player).

One of my favorite Semweb podcasts is the Talking with Talis series.

The Clay Shirky conversation is noteworthy, especially if you’re in the content distribution buiness.

Favorite quote: “These (web) tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technically boring” (at 6’15”).

More on this theme in his book “Here comes every body” (haven’t read it yet).

Check it out here: Clay Shirky in Conversation – Here Comes Everybody – the social effects of the Internet. If you want to listen to all podcasts, better subscribe to the Talking witht Talis iTunes feed because the shows are scattered all over the various talis sites- and blogs.

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