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Using Twitter in Firefox? Want to easily follow everything which is contributed to your favorite subject (#hashtag)? And want to know who is participating?

Good, read on!

First: what are hashtags?

These are a convention to indicate that your tweet is about a certain subject or event, for example #sxsw is used for tweets about South by South West, and so on.

Now there are a few services which make using this convention really useful:

  • Twitter Search – performs a live search on #hashtags and keywords
  • HashTweeps – finds all users who used a certain #hashtag

So far so good, but Twitter does not link the hashtags in any way. Wouldn’t it be nice to have these services linked to the hashtag?

Well, that is exactly what my Greasmonkey userscript does.

It turns this line:

@jake will I be seeing you at #sxsw this year?

into this:

@jake will I be seeing you at #sxsw [+] this year?

So if you’re using Firefox, head over to Twitter Hash Tools on userscripts.org and hit the black install button at the right of the title bar.

Make sure you have Greasemonkey installed first!

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