Android and iPhone 3.0 compared

iPhone 3G vs. Android G1
Image by inju via Flickr

When I received my Android powered T-mobile G1 phone, I was a bit disappointed by its form factor (clunky design) and – as I felt it – lack of integration between the available apps. I knew the iPhone from seeing it in use around me (hey, everyone has an iPhone, right?) and this is definitely the more elegant one of the two.

But soon came the insight that Andoid may well be much more powerful, especially compared to the – still current – iPhone 2.x OS. What, no background processes on the iPhone, are they kidding? Also, the Android process management is really very clever. I still don’t have any hands on experience with the iPhone, but I suspect that the Andoid process management compares to the iPhone as pre-emptive multitasking to cooperative multitasking (exactly what made the old Mac OS 7..9 so incredibly sensitive to hanging programs, and which is now completely solved by using the Mach kernel in OS-X).

Anyway, I just found a decent breakdown of Andoid vs iPhone features compared: Android Versus iPhone 3.0: The Showdown (lifehacker). I think Android has still much room for improvement, but also the best opportunities due to its open nature and multi-platform support (say netbooks). Let’s see what the Cupcake release will bring and then do this comparison with real phones again!

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