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Funny, just today I discovered a really old article by Computer Totaal (in Dutch) about a couple of Greasemonkey scripts: Websites aanpassen met Greasemonkey (August, 2007).

Two of my greasemonkey scripts are discussed:

  1. Kilometerdeclaratie (Dutch only, outdated)
  2. Ikea Availability Check (as international as Ikea itself, recently updated)

The first script used the route planner of a local provider to batch process distances between two addresses (based on Dutch Postal Codes), useful for mass reimbursements of work related trips by car. This script is no longer maintained, a mashup based on the Google geo API makes more sense now.

The second script runs on every product detail page of the Ikea site.If your country or region has more than one ikea store, availability and stock data is automatically retrieved from each separate store and displayed in a table all at once.

Most international Ikea sites are built on the very same content management platform, so it works for the Dutch, Russian and US sites equally well. Install it here: Ikea Availability Check.

Nice discovery, nearly two years after…

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