Idea: port TwittARound to Android as Layar app

Update: this idea is realized now the 2.0 Layar client is live (Aug 17th, 2009)!

Lately, there’s a lot of buzz going about TwitARound, an Augmented Reality app for the iPhone. Quote from Gizmodo:

…nearby live tweets show up on the horizon, and you can see where they’re coming from, as well as how far away they are. It uses the compass along with the accelerometer GPS to do its location thing, so it’s restricted to the iPhone 3GS in this implementation, even if it is developed almost entirely in WebKit.

Judging by this description, there is nothing that prevents this from working on any Android powered device.

Even better, there exists this nice new Android app, called Layar, which can load augmented reality layers from a supposedly simple data file (coded in json serialization). They will be opening their API shortly by giving an initial 50 API keys for some lucky developers. I applied for one with this idea, hope to test it out soon!

More about TwittARound in this youtube demo:

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