Working on Layar: Augmented Reality Browser

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Layar Developer

Only a few days ago I mentioned Layar as the ideal platform for rapid development of Augmented Reality applications. I applied for a developer key and was granted one of the limited 50 available keys for the initial launch phase (thanks SPRXmobile!).

With this grant comes an understandable NDA, so I can only speak about the program in very general terms. Just let me tell that the platform looks really flexible and developer friendly. I’m excited to be part of this initial community and will update my experiences as soon as I’m allowed to share them!

In the mean time, if you have an idea for a (commercial) Augmented Reality application feel free to contact me, we might be able to work something out on the short term.

About Layar

Layar overlays realtime local information on top of the real world seen through a mobile device’s camera. It locates it’s position through a combination of the phone’s built-in compass and GPS.
Layar is currently available only for the Netherlands in Android Market. In case you live elsewhere, here’s a demo video.

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