Cyrket market, a useful application of QR codes

QR Code: link to Layar at Android Market

QR Code: link to Layar at Android Market

Update (20091119) Cyrket appears to be down, use Androlib instead.

QR codes are used in a very useful way on the Web version of the Android Market: Cyrket. Here applications are listed together with their Market link, which, in order to be useful, needs to be entered in your Android device (e.g. your G1, Hero or Galaxy phone).
Typing is annoying and error prone, so the site developers chose to encode the link in a QR image instead.

Visiting the entry in market is as simple as opening one of the excellent barcode scanner apps, point your camera on the QR code, snap an image and off you go!

There’s just one shortcoming, at least for the G1: the image is not very large and focusing can be a problem at times. However, his is easy to overcome with a small Greasemonkey script I wrote: Android Market Cyrket QR image enlarger.

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