Tweepsaround updated for Layar 3D

Tweeps Around 3D view

Tweeps Around 3D view

The popular Augmented Reality app Layar just got updated to a very exciting new version with support for a 3D Reality View and a couple of other neat features.

I’m proud to announce a new version of the Tweeps Around layer, with the following improvements:

  • The images of tweeting people are shown in 3D in space, just as they are around you
  • Support for the new native geotagging feature of Twitter
  • You can now reply and post new tweets (status updates)
  • Your tweets will be geotagged with your current location (optional)

Like to experience this yourself? Make sure you have the latest version of Layar installed in your iPhone (free download in App Store) or Android powered device (free download from Android Market).

You need a Twitter account with geolocation eneabled to send local tweets yourself (no worries, Tweeps Around will guide you through the process when you first log into Twitter).

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