Humor with Tweepsaround and Layar

The Layar application Tweepsaround makes visible who says what on twitter in your direct neighborhood. But is it true, or are they a bunch of bad layars?
The guys from Teletekst is Dood wanted to find out so they started their private investigation.

Watch this hilarious video to find out about the naked truth!
(via @wilbertbaan)

Teletekst is dood are a bunch of Layars from David Veneman on Vimeo.

Teletekst is dood uses augmented reality to find the people behind the tweets

On Twitter, many things are shared by people, often in the belief that this information does not result in feedback in the physical world. We at Teletekst is dood wanted to show that we do listen to you. Using Layar, a mobile augmented reality application, we looked for the people behind the tweets, translating the digital the conversation to the physical world. In addition to our visits, we left the people art objects from our personal collection.

  • David Veneman – camera swinger 1 / director
  • Tim Terpstra – camera swinger 2
  • Jorick Mulder – getaway-driver
  • Mik Maes – megaphone maestro
  • Micah Westera – delivery of TV’s
  • Beer van Geer – people tracker